Doesn’t She Look Natural?: Fairlawn Series, Book 1
By Sherri Myers
Feb 18, 2008 - 11:31:09 PM

Jennifer Graham, once chief of staff for a Virginia senator, was blind-sided when her husband of 16 years divorced her for their kids’ nanny.   Now with her half of the money from the sale of their house and two kids in tow, Jennifer suddenly finds herself unemployed and living with her mother.

Just when she is about to give it up as being hopeless, Jen gets a phone call that will change her life forever.   When the lawyer on the other end of the line informs her she has just inherited a funeral home from a relative she didn’t even know, Jen hopes it may be an answer to her money problems.   With the boys out of school for the summer and no job holding her back, Jen decides to head off to Florida to check out her inheritance.

When she and her mom arrive in pretty Mt. Dora with the boys, they are surprised to find an old Pepto-Bismol-colored Victorian in desperate need of repair and an elderly resident caretaker who wants to reopen the funeral home to bring in some much-needed income.   Agreeing to do so for the time being, Jen gets busy on renovations, all the while dreaming of the day she and her husband will reconcile and her world will be made right once again.   But as time passes and life moves forward, Jen begins falling in love with the Fairlawn Funeral Home and wonders if perhaps this is what God has planned for her future instead.   Will Jen’s return to the land of the living be by way of burying the dead?          

Best-selling author Angela Hunt has a motto for her books, “Expect the Unexpected”. That is exactly what happens in DOESN’T SHE LOOK NATURAL?.   The ending totally threw me a curve ball which I certainly didn’t see coming and had me crying my eyes out in an emotional tug-of-war with my heart.   But in order to get to that point, the reader must first smile, sigh, giggle, and even learn a thing or two through the first 300 pages of this unique novel.   Dealing with many of the unhappy subjects in life such as death, divorce, and unemployment, this inspirational novel is sure to have readers begging for more.   And more is what they’ll get since this is just the first in a three-book series about Jen and Fairlawn.   The second book, SHE ALWAYS WORE RED, is set to be released in May, 2008.

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