Dog Nanny
By Dottie
Dec 1, 2009 - 1:09:58 PM

Julie, a vet tech, works for Veterinarian Dr. Arthur. Dr. Arthur is pushing sixty years old and wants to climb the Swiss Alps before he is unable to do it.  So he is closing the clinic for a month.  However, this would mean Julie would be jobless for a month.  Her mother has money, since Julie’s father amassed a fortune during the oil boom, but Julie needs a paycheck.  When her father died, he left Julie a house so big she can barely afford the upkeep.  She has it on the market, but who knows when it will sell.  Her father also set up a trust fund for her but she can’t touch it until she gets married.  Dr. Arthur has the answer for her.  He received an email from a woman, Carmen Esposito, whose marriage is in jeopardy.  Her husband Berto has given her one month to get her two poodles under control or he is leaving her.  Carmen is wealthy and with a salary higher than Julie is presently making plus free room and board for Julie to play dog nanny for a month, she cannot turn it down.  The one drawback is she would have to leave her ten-pound toy poodle Philip behind, but her sister would take good care of him for the month.  Julie’s personal life has not been going so well.  So after her last experience, she has sworn to stay away from the kind of men with whom she has been unlucky in the past, the darkly handsome, distant and deceitful kind.

Carmen sent a private plane to pick her up.  As luck would have it, the pilot Nick was devilishly handsome, just the type that had always broken her heart.  She finds herself drawn to him. As he flirts with her, she mentions how much she misses Philip, leading him to believe that Philip is a man, not a dog.  Arriving at Casa del Lago, the home of the Espositos, Julie discovers that Carmen treats her poodles like her children since her real children have left home.  She won’t allow Julie to use choker chains nor some of the other things that are done during training.  Nick has a fear of dogs, but he still does what he can to help Julie, even taking her side against Carmen. 


Julie is also trying to open up a new adoption center for dogs, but she needs money to do it.  To receive the money from her trust fund, she must marry.  After talking to Carmen, she goes to a dating service online and tries to find a different type of guy than she usually dates.  Using the name Dog Nanny, she begins a variety of dates, whereby Julie even puts herself in danger. It also seems like everywhere she goes, Nick shows up with a date.  In the process of opening a center for dogs, will she get herself killed?


DOG NANNY is a delightful romantic suspense.  Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down until I finished reading the very last sentence.  The secondary characters are charming and add appeal to the story.  Julie is drawn to Nick, but due to bad decisions in her past, she tries to fight her feelings for him, as he tries to get her to change her mind about him.  Full of witty dialogue, charismatic characters, a suspense-filled plot, steamy romance and dangerous situations, this story is a winner.  If you are looking for a delightful way to lounge away an afternoon, look no further than the delightful read, DOG NANNY.

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