Dogging In The Park
By Audrey Johnson
Dec 15, 2009 - 6:27:59 PM

Severely controlled in her previous relationship, Tabitha is determined to never again find herself in the same position.  To ensure this, she assumes dominance from the very beginning by overtly displaying her sexuality and taking her dates “dogging” – engaging in group, public liaisons. 

Julian simply wants a relationship, and is looking for a woman with it all:  brains, looks, a sense of humor and, most importantly, one who is adventurous. 


Tabitha is not prepared, though, when her interest becomes quickly peaked by subtly strong Julian, especially after he comes to her rescue when her ex-boyfriend shows up on her and Julian’s very first date.  After that, all of her tricks in the world will not enable her to ignore Julian’s genuine interest and continue on her path of self-protection. 


Williamson’s story expertly weaves an intriguingly unusual topic into a tantalizing quick read that will leave you satisfied.  The story’s twists and turns add dimension, filling in the plot and creating depth.  Not for the unadventurous, DOGGING IN THE PARK will heighten your senses more than you thought possible.  Williamson has obtained a new faithful reader here, and I encourage you to follow my trend.  So sit back and prepare to take your mind on a terrific, enticing journey!

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