Doing It Right
By Staci Kilpatrick
Jan 9, 2007 - 11:31:00 PM

MaryJanice Davidson is DOING IT RIGHT with this mix of two short stories that are cute enough to make you smile and hot enough to make you pant.


Kara is a no-nonsense girl who grew up knowing the hard facts of the world and even the underworld.  She can pick locks, fight and is smart enough not to use a gun in her dealings.


Dr. Jared Dean is a patent man, who stumbled into an underworld dealing in his emergency room, and now his life is in danger as well as his heart. 


In THIEF OF HEARTS, Ms. Davidson has brought together two of the most fascinating characters.  She mixed a wisecracking doctor and a scared to commit thief.  Both are out to prove a point, but will they be able to do it together?  Will Kara’s past abandonment issues eventually lead to the couples downfall or death?



Four years after THIEF OF HEARTS, this story picks up with Kat and Chess.  They meet in an inopportune time and place, but will Kat let Chess get away?  Has the black sheep of the family met her match with Chess?  Or will their WILD HEARTS meet and find each other?  These two risk-takers were made for each other and when Ms. Davidson adds Kara and Thomas into the mix – it is laugh out loud funny.

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