Domestic Bliss
By Jo
Jan 21, 2015 - 11:55:00 PM

DOMESTIC BLISS was a fast read at only one hundred and sixty-two pages on my e-reader and quickly drew me in to the storyline. There was a lot going on both at the inn and between the male maid and his female boss and sparks did fly.

Leabo's DOMESTIC BLISS left me wanting more especially given it's a retro romance.  The storyline was playful at times especially when Professor Spencer Guthrie's students came to the Sweetwater Inn to see how his position as maid was progressing.  He and his boss, Bonnie, had immediate chemistry and they both tried to fight it but he became her go to person to help her take charge again after her accident but especially with the unexpected arrival of her brother-in-law Kenny who was also her 50% partner and whom had other plans and ideas for the inn.  Theo, the caretaker, was a nice addition to the staff and his allegiance was definitely to Bonnie even if Kenny was the blood descendent to the inn.  Watching the dynamics between the characters was interesting and also how Bonnie's deceased husband, Sammy, kept being included in the storyline.  There were tensions, sadness, heartache, struggles, tears, laughter, happiness and some romance that too quickly led to love.  The prologue and epilogue were nice to have but the storyline went from A to B too quickly for my liking.  I much prefer when the storyline isn't as predictable and has more depth.

Leabo is a pseudonym for Kara Lennox and both are new to me authors.  I look forward to reading more books by them but hope there's a little more depth to the storyline.

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