Domestic Affairs
By Sarah W
May 13, 2008 - 11:29:26 AM

Growing up, Abigail and her mother lived with the wealthy Meriwhether family in Georgia where Abigail’s mother was housekeeper. It was a wonderful life for Abigail, even if she was not as rich as the Meriwhethers; she still had the friendship of the Meriwhether siblings, Lila and Vaughn. Things changed however when Abigail’s mother was accused of stealing from Mrs. Meriwhether. Kicked out of the only home they had ever known, Abigail and her mother were forced to rely on the charity of family. Years later, revenge is finally within Abigail’s grasp.

Lila has come hat in hand to beg for a job from Abigail, now a very wealthy businesswoman and TV personality. Abigail seems to lead the ideal life: husband, daughter, wealth, and success, but beneath the surface lurks a harsh reality. But Lila is desperate. Her life is in shambles after her husband’s disastrous business losses and subsequent suicide. Now Lila has to provide for herself and her son. When Abigail hires Lila to be her new housekeeper, it seems like history repeating itself. Can this chance encounter, this job offered partly in revenge, turn into an opportunity for these two women to renew their friendship, and perhaps truly put the past behind them?


Eileen Goudge’s DOMESTIC AFFAIRS chronicles the lives of Abigail and Lila in this charged novel. Neither of these women is living happily-ever-after. Abigail is a workaholic who cannot connect with her husband or her daughter. In fact, her feelings are growing for another man entirely. Lila is just trying to make ends meet, struggling to make a new life for herself after the death of her husband the loss of the wealthy life she had known before. Bitterness, anger, and regret are examined in this story, as are hope, love, and what it means to be happy. Eileen Goudge delicately tackles the lives of her characters. Strength of character builds up as the novel progresses. There are perhaps no easy answers in this story, no one stop solutions for any of the challenges Abigail and Lila face, but there is determination, fortitude, and the desire to make things right. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS fluidly tackles the realities of life. This is an emotional journey, but one you will not want to miss.

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