Dominant Boys of Summer
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 10, 2006 - 8:21:00 AM

Julie has no doubt that she is in love with Dave. What she can't figure out is why their lovemaking isn't doing anything for her. Julie is beginning to believe that she is frigid and that she's going to lose Dave. No matter how much she loves him, he deserves a woman who enjoys sex.

Dave genuinely loves Julie. The companionship side of their relationship is everything he could ever hope for. The sexual aspect leaves much to be desired. No matter how gentle or caring he is during their more intimate moments, Julie's arousal remains tepid at best.

Nick is Dave's best friend. From discussions that he's had with Dave, Nick has surmised that while Julie does in fact love Dave, to get sexually aroused, she needs a bit more dominance in her partner. He proposes a weekend getaway for the three of them to test out this theory.

Julie is a bit apprehensive as she approaches the beach house. She knows Dave and Nick are waiting inside for her and that this one weekend will change her life. The fear of losing Dave gives her the courage to approach this weekend without completely panicking. Julie's always been intimidated by Nick. However this weekend Julie knows that he'll be much more than just intimidating. It's going to be a weekend exploring her sexual submissiveness. It's something that Dave and Julie had never considered but she needs a lovingly firm hand along with a few other tricks of the trade to arouse her to a frenzied need. How will this weekend "experiment" affect Julie and Dave's relationship? What about Nick?

Katherine Kingston's DOMINANT BOYS OF SUMMER is a fast paced read full of love, friendship and very intense sex scenes. There's no doubt that Julie and Dave are very much in love but their sexual relationship needs something more than the vanilla lovemaking they've been trying. Throw in Nick's more commanding nature and he teaches Dave all about Domination while Julie discovers the joys of submission as well as how much it turns her on. I adored the interaction among the three characters. I'd love to see a follow up story for all three of them, hopefully with Nick having a love interest in his life as well.

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