Don't Cry
By evelyn
Sep 16, 2010 - 4:18:14 PM

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent J.D. Cass is called into one of the most disturbing cases of his career.  Women are being killed and their bodies are posed holding skeletons that may be missing toddlers from a twenty year old case.  Complicating his life is the teenage daughter he didn’t know he had, but suddenly has sole custody of. 

Twenty years ago, Audrey Sherrod’s baby brother was kidnapped and never found. When a new serial killer appears, the case is reactivated, reopening all the old wounds.  As the daughter, niece and best friend of the cops in charge of the case, as well as a grief counselor, Audrey has intimate access to the case as it unfolds.  During the course of the investigation, she meets J.D., and instantly dislikes him.  He is brash, self centered and egotistical.  Despite her feelings, she agrees to counsel both J.D. and his daughter to help to repair their relationship.  Soon she finds herself falling for J.D., even as he is delving deeper into the case that could ruin her life forever.


Beverly Barton does it again.  DON’T CRY is my favorite kind of book.  It’s full of suspense and characters I really care about.  I wanted so badly for J.D. and Audrey to get together and create the family they all so desperately needed, but wasn’t sure until the very end that it was possible!  And the mystery was full of twists that kept me guessing until the heart stopping ending left me breathless with its unexpected climax.  I absolutely recommend DON’T CRY to everybody.  You’ll love it - I promise!


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