Don't Look Back
By Cat Cody
Feb 5, 2007 - 5:55:00 AM

Donata Casale has come a long way from the teenager who was so desperate for love she dated a mobster. Working with the FBI to put him away helped direct her towards a career in law enforcement and put her on the fast track to making detective. But she’s had to work twice as hard as anyone else on the force to overcome her “mobster moll” past. Can she ever escape her misspent youth?

Sean Beringer, former NYPD and now P.I. remembers Donata as the sexy, loud-mouthed girlfriend of the man he was out to bust. This new all business, but no less sexy, Donata has his wits scrambled—not to mention his libido. Working with her is going to be a nightmare, not because she doesn’t know her stuff, but because she’s got him so worked up he can’t concentrate.


As Sean and Donata dig deeper to uncover the ringleader behind an illegal porn scam, more than the case is heating up. Donata worries that the sparks shooting off between the two of them will blind her. Can she be with Sean and not lose herself in the process? And when she refuses to give up on the case, will she not only lose her heart but also her life?


Joanne Rock does it again! This gripping tale will have your heart racing for more than one reason. The suspense is so deftly braided with the romance and hot hot hot love scenes that you’ll be caught before you finish the first page. Sean and Donata have an almost palpable chemistry, and the mystery aspect to the book only adds another dash of spice to this amazing concoction. If you love a hint of danger with your romance, this is one book you won’t want to miss. Better yet, there’s another one coming out in March. If you’re cold this winter, Joanne Rock has the perfect cure.

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