Don't Look Down
By Tracy Marsac
Nov 1, 2005 - 12:01:00 AM

The story continues from FLIRTING WITH DANGER and finds Samantha Jellicoe and Richard Addison three months into their relationship.  Sam is trying to adjust to working on the right side of the law with her business Jellicoe Security.  She's now protecting the rich she used to rob from and has gone from sneaking through the shadows to being thrust in the spotlight.  When her first client is murdered before she can advise him, Sam feels obligated to find out who's responsible, much to Richard's frustration.  Her British hottie is having a hard time not stepping in and taking over, not to mention keeping her out of harm's way.  Richard has much at stake in keeping Sam out of handcuffs and in his arms.  He's betting his future and his heart.

What a fabulous follow up to FLIRTING WITH DANGER!  Suzanne Enoch had her work cut out for her topping the first book but does it easily with DON'T LOOK DOWN!  This sequel is even more riveting, suspenseful, and sexually charged than book one.  Sam was always taught to be self-reliant so when she met Richard, her world did a three-sixty.  She's trying to make a place in his life without losing the core of who she is. 


Meanwhile, Richard's trying not to smother her but he feels the sooner she's settled into her business the more secure their future will be together.  Underneath that polished exterior is a man who is fighting his primal urge to claim what's his.  While they butt heads, argue and learn the value of compromise, these two heat the pages with their passion.  During their tumultuous affair, Sam finds that being on the straight and narrow is just as dangerous as breaking the law.  She'll deal with murder, blackmail, Richard's adulterous ex, wagers, police stations, and high society. 


I have only two words for Ms. Enoch:  More please!

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