Don't Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes
By Lorelei Mattison
Jan 10, 2009 - 11:30:37 AM

Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins Martin, partners in solving crime and styling hair, are heading to New York City to participate in the National Association of Private Investigators convention. They can’t wait to see the city and indulge in some shopping, particularly shoes!  These two sassy ladies can’t even get to New York without causing tons of mayhem in the process, starting in the airport! Once they get there, trouble seems to follow them wherever they go. Debbie and Edwina meet up with two unlikely crime fighters and stumble into a real life crime scene that doesn’t lend itself to their investigating tactics.



Celina can’t wait to get to New York City! She has never been out of her tiny hometown and is eager to embark on her new journey to the big city for the PI convention. She is a small town librarian who thrives on investigative novels.  She would love to solve a real life crime. She arrives in New York exhausted, a little disillusioned, and broke from being robbed en route to the city. Celina wants to soak up all the information she can about crime fighting and solving a case. Celina doesn’t count on meeting a handsome detective at the convention or being introduced to crime fighting from a front row seat!


Debbie Sue and Edwina take Celina under their wing when they meet her at the conference and learn that she is alone and extremely naïve. They invite her to stay with them so she can learn about PI work firsthand. What the three of them don’t bargain on is getting thrown head first into a real life crime that they have to solve, at the risk of their own necks.


DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU AND MY SHOES is a delightful romp from the small town to the Big Apple. Debbie, Edwina and Celina will leave you laughing ‘til you cry while solving crime and indulging in some heavy duty shopping and fun! The duo known as Dixie Cash has written another hilarious, zany tale of suspense, light romance and true friendship. I enjoyed every paragraph and was sad to see the last page. You will laugh out loud and enjoy the madcap adventures of these three unlikely crime fighters in Dixie Cash's novel, DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU AND MY SHOES!


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