Double Dare
By Ann
Nov 5, 2006 - 6:22:00 PM

Abby Douglas is an investment advisor and a dynamic woman who knows what she wants.  She isn't into long-term commitments and enjoys men, lots of them.  When she meets Zac Bordino in the elevator, she knows that this sexy stranger is just the man to scratch her itch.  As they journey into a sexually intense affair, Abby finds that sex may not be enough.  For the first time, love just might enter the equation.

When Zac meets Abby in the elevator, all he can think of is her sexy red hair and her body.  Mistaken as a courier, she introduces herself as the receptionist.  However, he is at her company to pick up papers for his mother.  Zac soon finds out that she is managing his mother's accounts.  As they get closer, will Abby forgive Zac when she finds out that she is sleeping with a client?


DOUBLE DARE is one of the most erotically charged novels I've read in a while.  Yet the book is not overpowered with sex but a good balance of plot and emotions.  I loved the fact that Abby is unapologetic about her sexual needs and appetites.  She is unafraid and it only makes her encounters with Zac more intense.  Zac is attracted to Abby but I enjoyed how he didn't treat her like a fling but rather as an equal.  Ms. Walker does a good job of showing Zac's feelings of guilt and his growing need to make things right with Abby.  The secondary characters create an interesting flow to the story.  There is even another love story following a similar vein as Zac and Abby's relationship.  DOUBLE DARE is one of those stories that will have readers grabbing their significant lover for relief but at the same time, rooting for a happily ever after.

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