Double Dare

Author: Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Audra Walker loves designing lingerie.  She might not be creating the hot little numbers she sees floating in her head, but she has to start somewhere.  And if designing virginal bits of sweetness is her start, so be it.   Why does she feel like she has sold herself out when she is around the Wicked Chicks?  What is wrong with having a career?  They think she has lost her edge, has she?

When the Wicked Chicks dare Audra to sleep with the next guy who walks through the door of the nightclub they are partying in, she swallows her apprehension and goes for it.  She knows it’s childish but keeping their approval means more than her pride.  Expecting a quickie with one man, Audra ends up with double the trouble.  A totally bodacious computer geek, and a totally well…real geek.  The type of trouble these two men bring to Audra, the Wicked Chicks couldn’t even have dreamed up. 


Jesse Martinez is damn good at being a Cyber Crimes detective with the Sacramento PD.  The case he is currently working on is what has brought him to this particular club and brought the absolutely luscious, every man’s fantasy, Audra to his avid attention.  What is her connection to the man he is following?  Not wanting to believe that this sex kitten could be part of the crime ring he is determined to eradicate, but the proof against her seems to be iron-clad.  Is he going to have to arrest her, or make endless love with her? 


DOUBLE DARE by Tawny Weber is a sultry tantalizing novel that sparkles with witty naughtiness and mouthwatering characters.  The suspense that surrounds the characters, adds a dangerous element that keeps you glued to every page.  I DOUBLE DARE everyone to pick up a copy!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nadine St. Denis

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