Double Entry
By Amanda Haffery
Jan 7, 2007 - 3:32:15 PM

Lauren is turning thirty and she's darn well fed up with the men she's met up until now. While out with her girlfriend, a drunken Lauren creates a wish list of her fantasies. Never expecting anyone to actually put it to use, she doesn't even remember the list the next day when her friend arrives at her door.

Lauren's birthday is about to take a surprising turn when not one, but two unbelievably hot men show up at her door, intent on helping Lauren fulfill her fantasy wish list. There's just one small problem…Lauren knows one of them. Scott is her sexy next door neighbor who she's been fantasizing about for months. However, the other man with him is Scott's twin brother. The bedroom is about to explode as these three fulfill every single one of Lauren's fantasies. When morning arrives, will these three return to their normal lives or do the twins have one more surprise in store for Lauren's birthday?


DOUBLE ENTRY is scorchingly orgasmic! From beginning to end, this story will leave readers hot and bothered and looking for a way to relieve the pressure. For anyone curious about a threesome, DOUBLE ENTRY will leave you even more enthralled with the subject. Lauren is the sweet good girl next door. Scott and his twin, Curt, are the sinfully gorgeous men who are willing to give their lady anything she desires. Without a doubt, this story will ignite flames in couples and force women to break out their "toys" to find some release from the raging eroticism this story brings forth. The ending will leave readers fulfilled and craving more from this magnificent author. Ms. Holt knows how to deliver! DOUBLE ENTRY is hot, erotic and completely mesmerizing!

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