Double Mitzvah
By Nadine St. Denis
Jun 6, 2004 - 12:01:00 AM

Love and weak-kneed passion can be found with the most unlikely people, as Annie finds out. She comes from parents where one is a nonobservant Jew, and the other is a feminist rebel. So, when she announced that she had fallen in love with Joel, the son of an Orthodox Rabbi, they simply disowned her. Most people wouldn't be able to stand against such hateful opposition, but with Joel's love as her guide, as well as a growing understanding in his faith, Annie was able to stand tall beside Joel, willing and lovingly. Her reward was a sexy, passionate husband with whom she got to share double mitzvah with; a closer connection with God and an inner peace with herself that she had truly found her rightful place in this world.


DOUBLE MITZVAH is a unique, erotic story. I found that Erica DeQuaya not only gives us the steamy encounters we love, but also an inspiring example of how religious differences can be overcome with love, compassion and understanding. I highly recommend this book be put on your must buy list.


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