Double Or Nothing
By Dottie
Apr 5, 2008 - 7:55:23 AM

DOUBLE OR NOTHING is an anthology of two stories that show what can happen when people decide to leave mistrust behind and take a chance on someone else.  Sometimes you get more than you ever dreamed.



Rich Needlemeister is the son of Frank Neidlemeister, a wealthy casino owner.  Attempting to provide his son with some direction in his life, Frank forces Rich to work his way from the bottom up in the casino without using the influence of his real name.  When Rich meets Penny Miller, an undercover security specialist hired by Frank to find out who is stealing from his casino, Rich is smitten.  However, when he sees her behaving suspiciously and in the possession of marked cards, he keeps an eye on her believing she is stealing from the casino. 


When Rich doesn’t readily answer to his assumed name, Penny wonders why he is not using his real name.  They are attracted to each other.  However, will they take a chance on trusting each other so that their suspicions can be laid to rest?




Three years ago, Meg Taylor lost her husband in a motorcycle accident.  The news threw her into labor with their daughter Steffie.  Losing her husband so recklessly, Meg deliberately decides to play it safe.  She does not drink or gamble – and she definitely does not trust men.  When her mother tricks her into going on a blind date, she looks for the negative things about him – like the way he seems to dislike kids. 


Brad Kendall finds it hard to be around kids, but he has his private reasons for it.  They can be lost so easily.  He is very attracted to Meg, but how can he overcome his uneasiness around her daughter?  Can Brad and Meg leave their pasts behind long enough to take a chance on each other?


DOUBLE OR NOTHING is a delightful read.  The well developed characters are highly appealing.  It is interesting to see how they get past their differences as each story unfolds.  There is also a lesson to be learned – you can’t always depend on first impressions.  Both stories are filled with humor, romance and intrigue.  I recommend DOUBLE OR NOTHING for anyone who loves romance.



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