Sinners On Tour:Book 3; Double Time
By Cheryl McInnis
Oct 20, 2012 - 7:30:44 AM

The Sinners’ rhythm guitarist Trey Mills has been the bad boy of rock and roll for his whole career. Known for his wild antics and voracious bisexual appetites in the bedroom, nobody realizes that Trey uses meaningless sex to hide the pain of his unrequited love for his best friend and fellow Sinners guitarist, Brian. When Brian and his wife welcome their first child into the world, Trey realizes that it’s time for him to move on. He wants to find love with a woman and family of his own...even if that’s not all his heart craves.

When Reagan Elliot gets a chance to play rhythm guitar for the wildly successfully band, Exodus End, it’s a dream come true for her. So why is it that after meeting him all she can think about is her band mate’s younger brother, Trey Mills? Trey has a reputation as a player and Reagan knows that getting involved with him can only lead to heartache, but something about this bad boy calls to her and she just can’t bring herself to resist.

As Reagan and Trey spend more time together, the heat and emotion between them grows until Trey begins to think that he could be happy with Reagan forever. But when Trey meets Ethan, Reagan’s ex-boyfriend and current roommate, the chemistry sizzles and Trey realizes that he’ll never be able to satisfy his sexual needs with just one person, no matter how much he loves her. Reagan isn’t willing to give up on Trey so easily though, and she is determined to come up with a solution that will allow Trey to find everything he needs for a happy ending of his own.

DOUBLE TIME is the third novel in Olivia Cunning’s SINNERS ON TOUR series which is about the wild and crazy lives of a rock band. DOUBLE TIME is full of the Sinner’s trademark over-the-top characters and their down-and-dirty sexual escapades, but this story also has a deeper emotional feel to it, due to Trey’s inner turmoil over his feelings for Brian, about his wanting a future with Reagan and his trying to deny his attraction to Ethan. I really liked reading about Trey and Reagan’s romance, and “watching” them fall in love. I also liked that Reagan accepted Trey for who he was, and never considered trying to change that. I loved that Ethan never forgave himself for hurting Reagan, and that he was content to watch and protect her from afar, waiting for his chance to make it up to her and have her love him again. There are lots of appearances from previous characters in DOUBLE TIME, but I think a first time reader would have no problem picking up the story here, although I’m positive they would want to go back and read the first two after finishing this one. DOUBLE TIME is a sexy, steamy read about two rock stars and the man who loves them both. A great installment to this series, it left me anxiously waiting for the next one.

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