Double the Heat

Author: Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Elizabeth Bevarly, Christie Ridgway

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: December 1, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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HART AND SOUL by Lori Foster
Hart Winston is determined to speak with Lisa Vogle. She may be avoiding him but he knows she has a message for him and he wants to hear it. Lisa and Hart had a one-night stand but Hart cannot get her out of his head, even during training for the SBC. But the trouble Lisa tells him about is nothing compared to the trouble Hart is facing in regards to his emotions. Hart wants Lisa and this time, he will not skip out on her heart.

Lori Foster brings readers another Winston story and it is a winner. The passion and laughter is strong between Lisa and Hart, even when she is at her most irritated with him. Hart never expected to find love with Lisa but he is not going to lose his second chance. The trouble Hart is facing provides a great way to bring these two lovelorn people back together.

BREAKING THE ICE by Deirdre Martin
When Blades hockey player Sebastian Ivanov approaches fashion student Lennie Buckley in a bar, he asks her if she is new to New York. Lennie is very surprised that he knows she is new but is eager to make a friend, particularly with Sebastian who is kind and sexy. However, she quickly realizes his mistake when he tells her about answering her email on Craigslist. Lennie did not put an ad on Craigslist, but she tells him the truth and before she knows it, their friendship is off and running. But Lennie wants it to be something more. Does Sebastian, who was just looking for a platonic friend, feel the same?

Deirdre Martin writes a very pleasing friends turned lovers story in BREAKING THE ICE. Sebastian and Lennie both lead full and busy lives but they are also searching for something more. Readers will have a blast visiting NYC with these new residents but even more, they will love seeing this growing romance. BREAKING THE ICE is sweet and spicy, a great addition to this collection.

DOUBLE BOOKED by Elizabeth Bevarly
Amanda Bingham is looking forward to a week’s vacation in Florida. As a workaholic, she does not get much vacation time so she is determined to relax. That is, until she discovers there is another guest staying at her friend’s condo. Max Callahan is the very antithesis of Amanda’s rigid working ways. He is carefree and cavalier. These two have detested each other since high school but can a week confined together change their feelings?

Elizabeth Bevarly packs a punch with her story of opposites attract. Amanda and Max are so different, but as they pick below the surface of their differences, they discover they have much more in common than they expected. These two balance each other out very well and that turns out to be just plain sexy.

ORIGINAL ZIN by Christie Ridgway
John Henry Hudson is escaping his sister’s twenty-first birthday party but he accidentally hops into the wrong limo. But it turns out to be a great mistake because he meets sweet and spicy Zin Friday, a woman of all trades. She works long hours and does not have time for John Henry in her life, but he pursues her anyway. These two have chemistry aplenty, but Zin has a childhood history that she wants to forget. Will she put the past aside for John Henry?

Christie Ridgway delivers a fun romance in ORIGINAL ZIN. John Henry is a workaholic but he is nothing compared to Zin’s crazy schedule. These two have some big differences between them, but they are also finding lots of great things in common. The laugher and emotion is strong in this story.

DOUBLE THE HEAT is a very satisfying collection of contemporary romance stories. These authors know how to write great romance!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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