Double the Pleasure
By Sarah W
Dec 1, 2008 - 3:13:06 PM

DEUCES WILD by Lori Foster

Ms. Foster brings back her popular Winston family in this new story. Dex Winston has reluctantly agreed to masquerade as his twin brother, Hart, while Hart trains to be a fighter for the SBC. It should be an easy switch as most of the time, no one can tell the difference between the brothers. This time is different however because Dex is very attracted to Christy Nash. But Christy cannot understand why “Hart” is paying attention to her suddenly, when just days before, he all but ignored her. Will Dex be able to win Christy over without hurting her with his lies?

Welcome back to the Winston family! I really enjoyed meeting Dex and Hart. In particular, I liked how Dex managed to find a balance between helping his brother and wooing Christy. And Christy’s reaction to it all pleased me too. I will not give it away, but she is not afraid to tell Dex how she feels. Lori Foster excels at contemporary romance yet again!


THE LUCK OF THE IRISH by Deirdre Martin

Maggie O’Brien is in major lust for Brendan Kelly. He is refurbishing her family’s pub, The Wild Hart, and seeing him handle power tools every day is a major turn on for Maggie. But, she is not ready for a relationship. After a bad marriage, Maggie wants to avoid men at all costs. But Brendan is not going to let their mutual lust die so quickly. He will do “casual” if it means spending time with Maggie. But will she give him the chance before he slips away from her for good?


Deirdre Martin is always a pleasure to read. Brendan and Maggie both have some issues they need to sort through but they also owned up the mistakes they made. Theirs is a quick courtship but it feels genuine. This is an enjoyable story and I look forward to reading more about the O’Brien family.


YOUR ROOM OR MINE by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Jack Walker is not happy that the company he works for has hired consultant Maddie Price to come in and dissect his accounting department. Maddie “Mad Dog” Price, as Jack refers to her, seems passionless and cold. Then Jack hears the really bad news: the accounting team has to go on a weekend retreat with Maddie. Jack is not a happy camper, but neither is Maddie. She sees Jack as a stereotypical playboy. Maddie wants the chance for a one-night stand on the weekend away. Will she get her wish, with someone very unexpected?


I really enjoyed the chemistry between these characters. Though they both had some serious preconceptions about each other, as they put those aside, they discovered a strong connection and more shared passion than either could have predicted. This is a sexy and fun story!



Dr. Abigail West never expected that when she opened a body bag on her exam table, out would pop the love of her life, the man who left her without a backwards glance in college. Most shocking of all perhaps is the fact that he is alive! Drake is just as shocked to see Abby and wonders what she is doing in the podunk town he is guarding. Then the puzzle pieces start to come together about his duty to a man in the witness protection program and the bullet that almost killed him and Drake realizes Abby is in danger. Life is about to become more perilous as Abby and Drake are now on the run!


Abby’s safety is hanging in the balance in this suspenseful novella. The old magic is still alive between Drake and Abby, no matter how much he denies it. Abby is made of sterner stuff than in the past though and is able to handle everything that comes her way, whether it’s guns or love. Penny McCall has a deft touch with romantic suspense.


DOUBLE THE PLEASURE is a very satisfying anthology! Each story is different enough to keep things interesting for the reader. The romances are all very solid and thoroughly sinful!

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