Down Range, Shadow Warriors series, book 1
By Diana S
Jan 22, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Captain Morgan Boland is at the top of her career as a female combat operative. She knew in Annapolis that she wanted to be in the front row of combat when women were allowed to be. She has made a few mistakes in her career and in her love life. Morgan is ready to give her all to prove the group of women soldiers named Shadow Warriors are as competent as men in combat.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jake Ramsey had an affair with Morgan when they were in-country together two years prior. Jake doesn't believe women belong in combat and are not as capable as men in special ops.


When a computer selects Morgan and Jake to go on a special ops mission together they have to put all their history together away. Morgan knows she can and will do the job assigned to her, but Jake doesn't like being sent down range with a female partner. Working together in hostile country, with only themselves to trust, brings them together in a different way. Will Morgan and Jake make it back alive and learn to live for themselves and not the service entirely?


This book was a page-turner from the beginning and made me realize more what our soldiers are going through in combat. I took this story into my heart and it has stuck with me. I cried for all the pain and sacrifice our military and their families have to live with. I still can't imagine the bravery it takes to go into some of these hostile territories, knowing they may never come back alive. They may be making a movie out of this book and I will be there to see it if they do. I rated this book 5 Blue Ribbons plus a Recommended Read for all to read and enjoy because I thought it was remarkable. I will be looking for more of the SHADOW WARRIORS series books.

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