Down in Texas

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

Release Date: October 28, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lyssa McDonough has her eyes set on the hunky rancher next door, Brandon Tynan.  The problem is that her big brother, Mac, exacted a promise from Brandon to keep an eye out for her.  She’s got all this pent up sexual frustration and the only man who interests her treats her like a pesky little sister.


Brandon definitely wants Lyssa in his bed however he doesn’t do permanent relationships and knows that she’s a forever kind of girl.  He certainly doesn’t want to destroy his friendship with her brother just to ‘scratch an itch’ so to speak.


Brandon rescues Lyssa from the barbed wire where she somehow becomes entrapped and he’s none too happy about it either.  It’s foolish for her to be out checking fences on her own – especially when there’s evidence that they’ve been deliberately cut.  He tends her wounds himself and despite the tension between them drops her off back at her place.  His good intentions are hopelessly blown when he sees her dirty dancing with another man.


Brandon and Lyssa have such remarkable chemistry that they practically ignite the pages.  She’s a spirited determined female intent on getting and doing exactly what she wants.  Brandon’s an equally strong character and knows exactly how to handle her ornery attitude.




Daniel Tynan isn’t one to let a prime opportunity pass him by which is why when he saw the job notice for a position at Dermott ranch he didn’t hesitate to send in his resume.  He still remembers well the time he spent there many years ago learning about working with horses – and lusting after Douglas Dermott’s wife – Maggie.


Maggie’s marriage to Douglas wasn’t the hearts and flowers romance girls dream of – he’d wanted someone to take care of his home and cook meals and she wanted security and a family.  Now that he’s passed away she’s got a second chance at happiness but dare she act on the infatuation that she’s felt for Daniel for so many years?


Daniel’s surprised when he receives the call from Reggie Haskell offering him the position on Dermott ranch.  Right away he realizes that the ranch is in sorry shape.  The stock isn’t as plentiful as he remembers and the facilities could use some tending.  The one creature he truly wants to take for a ride though is ‘Miz Dermott’ herself.  It’s going to take more than really great sex to win her over – she requires a gentle hand and some sensual persuasion – both of which he’s determined to provide.


There’s something almost inspiring about this story.  Maggie doesn’t view herself as desirable and has a difficult time believing that Daniel could truly want her.  He’s capable, determined and absolutely loveable.  I especially love his brand of ‘convincing.’




Ex-soldier Mac McDonough is still recovering from the injuries he suffered while serving his country.  Since returning to the U.S. he’s avoiding being around his family and friends but a special favor from a friend may just provide the reason he needs to ‘live’ again.


Suki Reece got involved with the ‘wrong man’ and now she’s in more trouble than she can handle.  She’s left witness protection for the ‘security’ of her secluded cabin.  Suki needs help and her good friend Tara knows exactly the man for the job – Mac McDonough. 


Suki’s not at all happy to discover a man lurking about her cabin.  She’s armed and prepared to take care of the problem if need be but her nerves are stretched taunt from lack of sleep and fear.  Her ex is out to kill her and law enforcement is using her as bait so what’s she supposed to think when Mac shows up?  He’s exactly the sort of man she’s attracted to but he certainly doesn’t seem to be very interested in her.  Suki’s well aware of just how precarious her situation is and she’s determined to seduce the stubborn man even if she has to use every womanly wile in her arsenal to distract him from his mission.


As a reader I couldn’t help but fall in love with Mac.  He’s a delicious combination of soldier and cowboy that’s just a little too appealing.  Suki’s a perfect match for him.  She’s tenderhearted and still strong enough to take him at his surliest.  I especially loved this story because of the way Mac’s vulnerability makes him endearing without making him overwhelming.


Delilah Devlin’s DOWN IN TEXAS is a fabulous anthology that kept my attention throughout each and every story.  Each story flows easily into the next because the majority of the characters are present throughout each of them.  The stories are all special in their own right but together they’re truly spectacular.  The Tynan and McDonough families are honorable and strong families and reading about how they find and set about holding onto their significant other makes me just a little envious.  Ms. Devlin has proved herself a capable storyteller before but with DOWN IN TEXAS she’s cemented a place on my ‘most watched authors’ list.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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