Dragon’s Heart

Author: Patrice Michelle


Release Date: no longer available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: E-BOOK

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Sydney left the police force when her brother Mark had committed suicide; Sydney believed he had been murdered.  After leaving the force, Sydney had created her own P.I. business and now she is working for Lexigen; undercover.  Lexigen was the company who had contacted Mark offering a huge some of money for his special code for Dragon’s Heart, but Mark had refused.  By joining the creative design staff, Sydney was hoping to obtain information about Mark, and hopefully point her; towards the killer.

In her spare time Sydney spent time on-line playing Dragon’s Heart. Her screen name Skylar, had asked for help from on-line gamer Kerad, together they spent time playing the game and chatting.  Sydney, found the only time she could really be herself was when she was Skylar and on-line.  Then, Kerad asked to meet her, wanting to know more about her, she makes excuses, Sydney has no time to cultivate a real-life friendship.


Sydney had settled into her new job, and if not for sadness that she felt over Marks death, Sydney knew she would have enjoyed working for Lexigen; using her artist skills.  Then Jake enters the scene who happens to be one of the senior members of Lexigen.  Sydney finds herself, attracted to Jake and continually thinking lustful thoughts about him. Sydney refuses to give into them; after all she is at Lexigen for a reason.  But Sydney is not the only one that feels desire, the feeling is reciprocated by Jake, who is not about to take NO for an answer.


Jake desires Sydney and decides he wants her and will do what ever it takes to get her, where he wants her; in his bed. Jakes has never desired a woman, like the desire he has for Sydney, she rocks his world. But when he finds out that Sydney is also Skylar, he is more insistent than ever, because she had made him feel again. But all is not what it seems. When Jake finds out that Syd, as he likes to call her is not who she says she is; he intends to find out what she is up to and why.  But then Sydney is not the only one with something to hide.  With the sexual tension rising between them, reaches incendiary levels; the challenge is on. 


DRAGON’S HEART is a fabulous book with a touch of suspense and extremely sensual.  I found myself totally and utterly immersed in the story. Jake is a wonderful character that you can not help; but love him.  I really liked Sydney too, who tries so desperately hard to keep from giving in to Jake and her own desires, even though she knows he is the first man who has truly appealed to her and wants her.


DRAGON’S HEART by Patrice Michelle is her first venture into the world of suspense and a fantastic job she has done too.  DRAGON’S HEART is a thoroughly engrossing and engaging tale that I will be reading again and again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gail Northman

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