Drake's Rules
By Kris Jones
Apr 4, 2009 - 11:35:35 AM

Megan Lewis comes home from her bike ride one day to find her new neighbor’s preschooler sitting outside their door. Megan is first horrified the girl’s father would allow her out alone, and then panicked. In this uncertain world, terrible things can happen in the blink of an eye—no one knows that better than Megan. However, when she starts to knock on the door, the girl stops her. Christie’s father is napping, she says, because he doesn’t sleep well at night. Christie doesn’t want to disturb him and begs Megan not to, either. Megan relents, but only if the child will share a makeshift picnic. Megan brings out sandwiches and they sit and chat until the girl’s apartment door flies open, framing a panic-stricken man. A very handsome, panic-stricken man.

Drake Edwards is horrified that his little girl has left the apartment without telling him, but gratified their neighbor has taken the child under her wing. When Christie tells him how scared she was to be locked out when she only meant to be outside a minute, his heart melts. Then she tells him she prayed for her mommy—who died the year before—to send someone to help her. She believes Megan is literally the answer to her prayers, and from that moment on, she accepts Megan in her life.


Strangely, Drake is just as ready to welcome the mysterious, beautiful Megan. He hasn’t dated since his wife and son died in a car accident, but something about the woman draws him. The fact that his daughter likes Megan—and Megan seems to feel the same for Christie—helps tremendously. Though he’s happy Megan helped with Christie, it doesn’t stop his overprotective feelings for his daughter. He can’t stem his fear of losing her if she’s away from him. Megan has her own baggage in the form of an assault when she was in college. Being alone with a man frightens her almost as much as the thought of what could have happened to Christie, locked out of her apartment.


Even with Megan’s gentle reassurances, will Drake find the courage to face his fears when Christie’s out of his sight? And can his patience and rules designed to forge a path toward becoming a couple prove to Megan that the touch of the right man can vanquish a painful past?


These two people are destined to be together. Christie knows it long before Megan and Drake. She readily accepts that her mother and brother are watching over her from the other side. Lucky for her, her dad and Megan come to see it the same way. And then there are Drake’s rules, from which the title comes. Ms. Huffert has devised lessons useful for every couple.

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