Drastic Measures
By katie
Jul 1, 2008 - 1:50:34 PM

Pamela James is engaged, but her fiancé’s business partner, Ethan Parker, doesn’t seem too happy about the idea. He puts Pamela on edge whenever he is around, and in part she blames her own attraction to this man who smolders with such heat in his eyes.

Ethan wants Pamela very badly. Ever since the moment he saw her four years ago, he has wanted to make her his, but Shawn Cooper saw her first and grabbed her before Ethan had a chance. Now with Pamela about to marry Shawn, Ethan will pull out all the stops and show Pamela that she is with the wrong man.

When her fiancé comes to her saying that she must spend the night with Ethan or lose everything they have worked for, Pamela is speechless. Ethan wants a date for a night, not necessarily a one night stand. Pamela agrees, knowing she will have to put herself in the arms of a man who may not take no for an answer and make her lose all her defenses when it comes to desire.

DRASTIC MEASURES is another wonderful, erotic romance from Shiloh Walker. Ethan is a man who usually gets what he wants and that is Pamela, the one woman who is just out of his reach. Some may think his blackmail is underhanded, but when you see these two together, overcome with so much heat for one another, everything makes sense and Ethan is forgiven.

This is a fast, intense and sexy read that smolders. Shiloh Walker is one of the best at writing erotica that has a bite. DRASTIC MEASURES is one story you will not want to miss out on.

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