Drawn Together
By Sarah W
Oct 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Raven Smith has never had an easy life. She loves freedom and has spent most of her adult life moving from location to location, craving change and making new connections. She has unfortunately hurt some people along the way. But a chance meeting with Jonah Warner may change more than just her easy come, easy go lifestyle. He wants a tattoo on his back and he knows that Raven is the best. Jonah and Raven share smoking hot chemistry and they genuinely like each other. However, Jonah soon realizes that Raven hides a deep center of pain. He wants to be the person to comfort her, but how can he when she is not willing to share her feelings?

As Jonah and Raven discover that they share more than lust, a secret from Raven’s past is about to be unleashed with explosive results. Will Raven’s new relationship survive?

DRAWN TOGETHER is the sixth book in the BROWN SIBLINGS series by Lauren Dane. The author is great at setting up a storyline that stands on its own but you will find even more enjoyment in the story if you have read the previous books in the series. Past characters make numerous appearances and Raven’s relationship with Brody Brown definitely comes into play in a big way. Fortunately, this is a book that succeeds because Raven and Jonah are very strong individuals who can handle their growing feelings for each other. Their relationship is playful and loving and neither is afraid to explore what turns them on in the bedroom. Jonah allows Raven to relax and be comfortable with herself and with others. It was wonderful seeing this somewhat prickly character dote on baby Alexander, see her fall for Jonah, and see her strengthen her friendships. Lauren Dane always writes a well-rounded story and DRAWN TOGETHER is no different. There is something immensely comforting about revisiting the Brown family and their various friends. Lauren Dane is at her best in DRAWN TOGETHER and one can only wonder how this talented author continues to become a better and better writer. You will be blown away by this romance!

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