Dream Lake
By Sarah W
Aug 6, 2012 - 8:00:00 AM

Zoë Hoffman loves to bake, it is her way of coping with both wonderful and scary moments in her life, and right now, she is facing a doozy of a situation. Zoë’s beloved grandmother is losing her memory and is facing a future where she needs to be cared for. Zoë plans to do it as long as she can, since her grandmother raised her and Zoë would do anything for her. But she has to make some changes to their new home and that brings Alex Nolan into her life.

Alex Nolan is an angry and bitter man. He has divorced his wife, but in the process she has taken the house from him, along with all his assets. He is rebuilding his future and working hard on the house on Rainshadow Road when he gets roped into helping Zoë. He is very reluctant to help but he has one “person” who is pushing him into it. Of course, “person” is barely cutting it as the mysterious man is in actuality a ghost who needs Alex’s help to understand why he has not moved into the hereafter. Alex just wants to get rid of the ghost so he will do what it takes to assist him. However, the more time he spends time with Zoë, the more he starts to care for her in a way he has never cared for anyone. But Alex has deep fears that he will never be able to properly love someone the way they deserve, least of all a woman like Zoë. Will she be able to allay his fears before he gives up on them?

Zoë and Alex have a special relationship that I really enjoyed reading about. Alex in particular is a very hard character who makes some bad choices early on in the story. He is an imperfect character by far, one of the more angry men Lisa Kleypas has created, but he also starts to heal throughout the course of the story, through his growing bond with Zoë and through getting to know the ghost that haunts him. I do not want to give too much away about the ghost but his bond with Alex becomes quite humorous at times. Despite the paranormal element, this book definitely digs into real life issues because it tackles Zoë’s care of her grandmother, a hard issue for any person dealing with an elderly loved one. She runs a business with her cousin, Justine, also, which is an important element of the story as Zoë juggles her career, her love life, her grandmother and much more. DREAM LAKE is the latest book set in Friday Harbor and even though it reads very well as a standalone, fans of the series will appreciate appearances of Alex’s brothers in the story. DREAM LAKE proves to be a great combination of real life connections and a paranormal spark. Lisa Kleypas proves her romance talent yet again in this new book. She is a star!

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