Dreaming in Black & White (A Phoebe Grant Novel, Book 1)

Author: Laura Jensen Walker

Publisher: WestBow Press

Release Date: March 29, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Phoebe Grant is a thirty-something, somewhat overweight woman with a ticking biological clock. With no promising prospects on the horizon from her time spent at her Christian singles group, Phoebe wonders if she will ever meet the man of her dreams. As an obituary writer for a newspaper, Phoebe has set her sights on the big time papers in New York, hoping to become a movie reviewer. She is a huge movie buff, and loves sharing her vast knowledge with her friends who don't really understand her love affair with the silver screen. Can she find a leading man who will share her love of movies and steal her breath away?

Alex Spencer, movie trivia buff extraordinaire, takes over the newspaper where Phoebe works, and presents her with a lovely surprise on the day of her performance evaluation. Instead of giving her her dream job of movie reviewer, Alex instead hands Phoebe a pink slip. Now without a job, Phoebe heads back home to Barley, California, when her mother breaks both of her arms in an accident. She ends up signing on to work at the tiny hometown newspaper, The Barley Bulletin. Phoebe thinks she's finally rid of Mr. Annoying Alex Spencer for good when she moves to Barley permanently, but when he shows up in her hometown later on (after buying the newspaper she NOW works for), she begins to wonder if maybe God has other plans for the two of them. Can Alex be the leading man God has chosen for Phoebe?

DREAMING IN BLACK AND WHITE is a humorous adventure into the life of an everyday unmarried woman looking for her dream man. As a film buff, Phoebe has a huge store of trivia which is presented throughout the novel. Laura Jensen Walker has brought us a heroine who just wants a normal life with a husband and kids, but finding Mr. Right has become a futile search as the choices get fewer and less appealing. Witty and fast-paced, this humorous novel will have you laughing out loud at the men Phoebe dates, and then passes over on her search for her perfect match. The sequel to this book, DREAMING IN TECHNICOLOR, is now also available, and a must-buy to complete the adventures of Phoebe.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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