Dreaming in Technicolor (Phoebe Grant Series, Book 2)

Author: Laura Jensen Walker

Publisher: WestBow Press

Release Date: September 8, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Phoebe Grant is a thirty-something, slightly overweight journalist/reporter working for the "Barley Bulletin" in California, and she's tired of writing about emus and goats. Geesh, she doesn't even like animals! Things begin to look up, though, when Alex Spencer takes over the newspaper and they begin dating. Phoebe is tired of being single and now, with Alex in her life, it seems like this bachelorette is about to become a married lady. Or is she?

Alex appears to be the perfect mate for Phoebe. He shares her love of the movies and enjoys quizzing her with his knowledge of them. He's a Christian which is a must for Phoebe. Alex doesn't mind that she is slightly heavier than your average toothpick model. He doesn't even seem to care too much that she loves to shop. Oh, and don't forget those highly kissable lips he has! Phoebe can't wait to get a taste of those lips!

Looking forward to New Year's and a kiss from Alex, Phoebe is dismayed to learn of Alex's father's heart attack. Alex quickly returns to London to take over the duties of running the business. Her plans for spending Christmas and New Year's with Alex disappear in an instant, and Phoebe is left behind with her unkissed lips. To add insult to injury, Phoebe gets a phone call from her best friend back in Cleveland telling her of her engagement. Not to be easily defeated, though, Phoebe decides to head for England on a little vacation. She's not chasing Alex, not really. She just wants to go on a little sight-seeing tour, and convinces her friend Mary Jo to go along. Will Phoebe see more than she wants to when she catches up with Alex? Is the script Phoebe already has written about to go through a series of rewrites?

DREAMING IN TECHNICOLOR is part two of the Phoebe Grant series, and while being able to stand alone, it is better understood after having read part one. Laura Jensen Walker has created a fun, witty character named Phoebe Grant who is a Christian trying to do what she thinks God would want her to do. But what God has in mind isn't what Phoebe was wishing for, and she finds best-laid plans don't always coincide with God's. When she allows God to take control of her future, things finally begin falling in place for her.

I enjoyed Phoebe's romp through England with her friend Mary Jo, and Phoebe's little quirks were good for a few laughs. Phoebe is an endearing character that will keep the reader entertained with her adventures, and I also liked Mary Jo with her down-to-earth outlook on life. Ms. Walker has written a fun story that is the sequel to DREAMING IN BLACK AND WHITE, and I hope to see more of Phoebe Grant's adventures in the future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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