Dreaming of You
By Billie Jo
Aug 7, 2006 - 4:45:00 PM

Faith McBride is a successful Santa Fe hotelier.  She is a smart, witty and compassionate woman.  She has everything she wants, except for the man she has loved since she was a teenager.  So, Faith decides to break the family curse and make Brandon fall in love with her.  She devises a plan to make him jealous.  Only she is having a hard time controlling the burning passion that sizzles between them.  Will Faith’s plan give her the reward of Brandon’s heart?  Or will her deceit backfire and lose the only man she will ever love?   

Brandon Grayson is a successful owner of a trendy restaurant.  He is sexy, smart and quite the ladies man.  He also does not ever want to get married.  But when his mom decides to intervene and find him a woman to marry, he enlists the help of Faith.  Brandon figures Faith is a safe woman for him because they have been like brother and sister all their lives.  However, when Faith starts coming to his restaurant with gorgeous men on her arms, he finds himself becoming jealous.  He is also stunned by the smoldering passion that he feels for her.  Will Brandon open his heart to the only woman who has ever captured his soul?  Or will the hurt of her deceit kill any love he may have felt for her?


Within the pages of DREAMING OF YOU, I encountered one of the sweetest and most charming love stories that I have read in a while.  Ms. Ray does an awesome job drawing this reader in with her charismatic characters, lovely imagery, gripping plot and blistering sensuality.  I absolutely fell in love with Faith and Brandon and their witty bantering.  Faith is a woman who is tired of being on the sidelines and decides to take matters into her own hands and go after the man she loves.  She is willful, intelligent and has a soft spot for Brandon.  Brandon is sexy, passionate, and stubborn.  He gets hit right between the eyes with the passion he feels for Faith.  The secondary characters are just as vibrant and add a lot of fun to this delightful tale.  I can not wait to read more of Ms. Ray’s work and will be putting DREAMING OF YOU on my keeper shelf.

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