Eternity Springs, book 8 - Dreamweaver Trail
By Dottie
Jun 2, 2014 - 8:00:41 AM

Attending her brother’s wedding on Valentine’s Day, Gabrielle “Gabi” Romano has never felt so lonely. She left her job as a deputy for the sheriff, who is also her brother, after killing a man in the line of duty. Although she saved her brother’s life in the process, she still cannot get over taking a man’s life. She does not want to risk this happening again so she refuses to work at a job where she has to wear a gun. Needing a change of scenery, Gabi accepts a job dog-sitting and housesitting on Bella Vita Isle. All she wants is some passion in her life. On the island, she finds two; creating art glass and the caretaker next door named Flynn.

Flynn Seagraves is known to the public as the GQ Killer for killing his wife, although he was acquitted in court. He changes his last name to Brogan, sells his business and purchases a home on Bella Vita Isle. When the beautiful young woman next door stumbles into his yard chasing her dog, he is leery, believing she may be a member of the paparazzi, but he cannot deny his attraction to her. Taking Gabi out on his new yacht, things quickly turn heated before they encounter violence. After discovering that Flynn has been living a lie, while she is aware that the dog she is pet-sitting might possibly be dead, Gabi returns home, determined to concentrate on her glass work.

Meanwhile, the violence is not over for Flynn and having heard of the healing qualities of Eternity Springs, Flynn, damaged and driven, holes up in the mountains there with his dog, Bismarck. He is determined not to see her, but Gabi is not about to let him go so easily and starts her own campaign to break down his walls and claim him for her own. Will she succeed, or is she bound for heartache?

To anyone who has not read one of author Emily March’s ETERNITY SPRINGS stories, you do not know what you are missing. These tales are deliciously sexy and yet heartwarming. DREAMWEAVER TRAIL, the eighth book in this delectable series, is no exception. Part of the story takes place outside of Eternity Springs and overall, the novel covers a huge period of time, but this does not detract from the story in any way. This latest addition will leave readers longing to live in a town like this one. The healing quality of the town and the assistance rendered by the town angel, Celeste Bradley, gives the story a mystical feel. The characters are so true-to-life and their interactions so heartfelt that you cannot help but root for them while the dog, Bismarck, plays an outstanding role in this book. I have enjoyed every one of these stories and just as I think that Ms. March cannot surpass her last novel, she proves me wrong. If you are looking for a terrific story that will make you laugh, perhaps cry and leave you feeling good, DREAMWEAVER TRAIL is the book for you!

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