Dress You Up in My Love

Author: Diane Stingley

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: December 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Samantha Stone is having one lousy Thanksgiving Day. Year after year it is the same routine. Dinner at her mother’s house, watching TV with her uncle while her mother and aunt prepare the feast, playing Yatzee afterward. But this year, instead of going home to her empty house, Sam is meeting her childhood sweetheart after dinner at their favorite hangout. The same guy who has broken her heart numerous times though she is sure he will come around to loving her someday. Sam’s family knows Greg is never going to amount to anything and so to avoid explaining why she must leave early, she creates the one excuse guaranteed to ensure her escape. A new boyfriend. A new, keyword: successful, boyfriend!

Her head still reeling at how easily imaginary Alex Graham got her off the hook with the clan, Sam arrives at Bogart’s to meet Greg. Boy, does he have a surprise for her! He has met the love of his life…and it is not Sam. It is some girl named Debbie he wants to marry. And horrors, he wants Sam to meet her!
Samantha tries to beg off with the excuse that she, too, is involved in a budding relationship and just doesn’t know when she will have the time. Not a problem! Without missing a beat, Greg suggests they double-date so everybody can meet everybody at the same time!
What started out as the perfect solution has in a matter of hours turned into a tangled web of hilarious deceit. What is Sam to do? The only thing she can: she hires a struggling actor to play the part of successful Alex, the perfect man. And so begins a six-week roller-coaster ride for our heroine as she arranges “dates” with Alex for the holidays. A ride that lasts far past the holiday season with a man who is far from perfect…or is he?
Written in the first-person, Diane Stingley’s debut novel is a wonderful example of “chick-lit”. Her characters are richly developed and entertaining. There is no doubt that all of us can identify with Sam’s predicament and would have loved to use her solution of creating the “perfect man”. Ms. Stingley shows us why we were better off not! DRESS YOU UP IN MY LOVE is a definite page-turner; a book that is not easy to put down.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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