Drive It Deep - Desert Dogs #2.5

Author: Cara McKenna

Publisher: Intermix

Release Date: June 16, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: EBOOK

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DRIVE IT DEEP (DESERT DOGS #2.5) is a novella that is actually a prequel to the DESERT DOGS SERIES.  It's edgy, dark with a lot of loving and just plain old S-E-X but never does it take place where you expect it!  Miah is nothing if not creative.

McKenna's DRIVE IT DEEP has childhood friends Miah, Raina, Vince and Alex. who have a long history, finally being together again.  But things sure have changed.  Miah is finding himself attracted to Raina and she's reciprocating those feelings even though they've been friends a very long time and never felt any attraction - well maybe one of them hasn't!  Alex is a deputy by day and a binge drinker by night and his friends are getting very concerned with the situation. Vince has just been let out of prison and has to acclimate himself back to the outside.  Their interactions and actions are real when dealing with their friendships, their jobs and families along with the mundane and routine of their everyday life.  Miah decides to take his attraction to Raina to the next level or two which puts things off kilter.  He and she are definitely not on the same page as to what should come next since he's a third generation rancher and part of the wealthiest family in town and she's an alcoholic bartender's daughter that had to play the adult card way too young and never even graduated from high school.  There are family and friends, some lighthearted and tender moments that get drowned out by the hot and heavy sex, vivid descriptions of the land, the town and the loving, arguments, reminisces, fear, caring, happiness, sadness and loss.  There was a storyline interspersed between the loving but not enough for my taste.  I did enjoy the interactions between Miah and his parents except when they were poking at his relationship with Raina. The ending is what I expected but it was too abrupt and I didn't get the closure I wanted.  Can there be a happily ever after?

McKenna is a new to me author but I believe I may have read one or two of her books many years ago.  I may give a couple of her other books outside this series a try to see if my interest is sparked more since this one was definitely out of my comfort zone.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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