Drive You Wild - Love Between the Bases series, book 3

Author: Jennifer Bernard

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: June 28, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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After growing up with a father who had drug problems and then spending time in a juvie hall, Kilby Catfish baseball player Trevor Stark made his way into the minor leagues. Although his talent could easily get him called up to the majors, Trevor does everything he can to stay where he is, out of the spotlight, to keep his sister safe. He never mentions he has a sister nor does he let her live near him or attend his games for fear that the Wachowski mob members who are gunning for him will come after her. Trevor even changed his last name and he keeps a low profile. Trevor has a reputation for being a player where women are concerned, but then he meets Paige.

Paige Mattingly Taylor, daughter of Kilby Catfish owner Crush Taylor, has returned home after her recent divorce from NBA player Hudson. At her father's request, Paige agrees to stay on and work with him and the team. His one stipulation is that she stay away from the players, Trevor Stark, in particular. But she has already met Trevor briefly and she is fascinated by him. With an interest in psychology, Paige wants to know what makes the man tick and she wants to explore the explosive chemistry they have for each other. As she spends time around him, she sees a side of him that no one else seems to see. Paige longs to know his secrets, but Trevor is not talking.

Trevor is finding it very hard to keep his hands and his mind off of Paige. As if she is not distraction enough, his sister suddenly arrives in town. When the new publicity campaign that Paige is working on for the team brings Trevor increasingly into the public eye, his worries escalate and then a new threat enters the equation. When the danger catches up with the two women he loves, will he be able to save them?

DRIVE YOU WILD, the third book in author Jennifer Bernard's LOVE BETWEEN THE BASES series, is an adrenaline-packed, sensual contemporary romance that readers will find nearly impossible to put down. The chemistry between Trevor and Paige is red hot and the love they share for each other is undeniable. After reading the previous book in this series, I could not wait to read this one. Not only did DRIVE YOU WILD meet my expectations, it exceeded them. Readers will fall in love with Trevor, who is not at all as he is perceived to be and Paige is a delight.

Danger, sizzling sensuality, humor, loyalty, blackmail, team dynamics, romance and true love combine to give readers an unforgettable story. Like the previous stories in this series, each can be read as a standalone. But I am sure that once you read this book, you will seek out the rest, including ALL OF ME and CAUGHT BY YOU. A pure delight, whether you are a sports fan or not, DRIVE YOU WILD is a must read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Dottie


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