Drive Me Crazy
By Jennifer Wardrip
Nov 22, 2003 - 5:05:00 PM

Ms. Angell’s last book, CALDER’S ROSE, was an engaging story about two writers whose book characters came to life. She’s taken a totally different direction with DRIVE ME CRAZY, and the results are even better. Steamy, with passionate main and secondary characters and dialogue that will have you laughing out loud, this book is a keeper.

You have TZ Blake, one heck of a female mechanic and the in-debt owner of All Tune and Lube, who gets suckered by the lure of money into becoming the navigator during a road rally for Cade Nyland. You’ve got TZ’s friend, Kimmie, the heir to a thriving fast-food joint, who falls in love instantly with fellow rally-man Rhett Evans. You have Marisa Ashton-Lord, the most uptight, holier-than-thou woman with the boniest ribs you’ve ever seen, who’s being harassed by loser-in-training Mick Wilcox. You can’t even begin to imagine what happens with those two.

Add to the mix, fellow rally racers Skinner, Sam Mason, Walter Brown, and a couple of roughneck bikers with names like Legend, Hellion, Rattler, and Bayou, and things get interesting. If you add in a pissed off, hard to handle dead aunt named Elise, interesting turns into highly intriguing. And then, of course, you have the cars: the Mustangs, the Cadillac, the Jaguar…whether you’re a hot rod lover or not, the cars alone are enough to make you swoon.

And the sex. Yippie-ky-aye, the sex is as hot as the race. Relationships with their crazy up and down, back and forth banter, the steam sizzles in these high-antic relationships. Romance might be a little hard to conjure up during a road rally, but these high-octane men and women still find the time to fit it in.

Ms. Angell has written a story that’s hot, sexy, and funny to the last page. She’ll leave you wondering throughout who’s causing the damage to the rallyer's cars, who’s falling in or out of love, who’s fighting with who, and who will take home the ultimate prize at the end of the story.

DRIVE ME CRAZY is a book for your keeper shelf. I plan to reread it again; whenever I need a good laugh, mixed in with some good old-fashioned romance.

All in all, this book is bound to shimmy your engine, rev your motor, and keep the steam pouring from your radiator. And will definitely keep Elise smiling up there with St. Peter.

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