Driven To Temptation

Author: Melia Alexander

Publisher: Entangled

Release Date: June 13, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: ebook

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Melia Alexander has done it again, penning a contemporary romance with charm, wit, and well-rounded characters you can't help but root for. She has a knack for writing realistic heroes and heroines that sizzle with chemistry. The romance happens fairly quickly in this story, but it never felt rushed. Because the author does such a fantastic job fleshing out the characters and letting the reader feel their emotions, the connection between the characters feels just as it should. A natural progression between two people falling in love.

Ms. Alexander delivers a terrific heroine in Delaney Harper. She's the strong, independent type who doesn't need a man to make her complete. Yet she's not so aggressive and anti-relationship that she doesn't realize she wants someone special in her life. She's got a brain, and she uses it. An engineer, Delaney struggles to make it in a field dominated by men.

Though her boss/love interest is well aware of her as a woman, he uses her assets to his advantage--realistically--without turning into the stereotypical chauvinistic boss. Aidan has his own issues, and he's wonderfully flawed. I loved his quirks, especially the scenes where we learn more about his aversion to messes (and dog hair) in his truck. I chuckled more than a few times as he and Delaney verbally sparred on the way to the convention.

Ms. Alexander shows us the characters through their words and actions. The conflict is believable and not overdone, the dialogue is terrific, the plot well-conceived, and the sex scenes are HOT, adding to the emotional intimacy between the characters.

A perfect way to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Read DRIVEN TO TEMPTATION. You'll thank me later. And if you haven't read Melia Alexander's first book, MERGER OF THE HEART, you're missing out. It's another winner.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: SJ

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