Driven By Desire
By Laurie
Oct 1, 2008 - 7:54:58 AM

When Jayden Michaels runs into Alexia Spencer, literally, while riding his dirt bike through the woods, it’s impossible to say which of them is more surprised.  Alexia was crushed ten years prior when Jayden chose Supercross motorcycle racing over his relationship with her.  When she eventually married someone else, it was Jayden who felt the pain.  Alexia eventually realized that she had made a big mistake, divorced her husband and returned home to find herself.  She never expected that Jayden would once again be part of her life, and given the secret that she’s been keeping for ten years, she fears that he won’t understand her reason for secrecy.  Alexia decides it’s time to tell Jayden the truth, hoping that he cares enough for her and the future they could have together, to understand.

Jayden has come home to nurse a shoulder injury and to help a friend with a new business venture.  Spending time with Alexia is an unexpected bonus.  He never dreamed that a second chance with her would ever be in the cards for him.  Jayden quickly discovers that a white-hot passion still exists between them and they aren’t together long before old passions begin to burn.  When he discovers the secret that Alexia has been hiding, past pains return and he pushes her away.  He isn’t certain he has the strength to get beyond his pain to help Alexia deal with her own suffering.   


I adore LuAnn McLane and have enjoyed reading each and every one of her books.  DRIVEN BY DESIRE is no exception, although it has a totally different flavor than any of her previous books.  Her trademark humor has been toned down, the eroticism has been turned (way) up, and the emotions come from much deeper in the heart.  Alexia’s pain is excellently written, and as readers are taken into her relationship with Jayden a decade before, her dejection when he left, and the events that followed, it almost feels tangible.  Jayden suffered as well, and Ms. McLane very clearly understands the workings of a guy’s mind as his thoughts, feelings and actions are described with clarity.  An equally passionate side romance between Alexia’s sister and Jayden’s best friend is definitely a reader bonus. The relationships between all of these characters are well-written and comfortable and it doesn’t take imagination to bring them to life.   I highly recommend DRIVEN BY DESIRE to all romance readers who enjoy stories with reunited lovers, passionately sensual romance, and the undeniable healing power of true love.

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