Driving Me Insane

Author: Rae Monet

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Rick Monroe has been emailing and talking back and forth with Angela for three years but has never met her. Their paths have never crossed. He was a stockcar driver. At one race his motor blow up and he knew that it was the oil pump. He couldn’t afford to have any DNF’s (did no finish) or he might lose his sponsors. He had his chief mechanic call Warner Manufacturing, who manufactured the oil pump, to get busy finding out what was going on with the pump or they would lose their contract with Rick and his team. After the second oil pump blow and caused Rick to be injured he knew that Warner needed to get someone to come and check out the cars and the pumps before the next race. Rick never expected that Angela would be the engineer that would show up. He was shocked that she knew so much about a race car and he didn’t quite trust a woman around his car. But Rick was enchanted with Angela and he wanted her in his bed. He took her to his house in Daytona, so she could relax and get some sleep, but both his and Angela’s minds were on the same track. They were hot for each other. Rick knew that he wanted this woman forever but didn’t know how Angela felt. Could he convince Angela that they belong together?

Angela Warner was an engineer for her father’s company and she was good at what she did. When race care driver Rick Monroe crashed his car twice due to a faulty oil pump, she was called in to find the problem. Angela was half in love with Rick and didn’t want anything to happen to him. But meeting him for the first time scared her. She had talked to him on the phone and by email but that hadn’t been enough. She thought he was attractive on TV but when she met him, TV did not do him justice. He was a hunk of a man and she wanted him so much, but she was there to do a job, not have an affair. But she couldn’t resist the pull of Rick’s charm. Angela knew that she was in love with Rick but she couldn’t stay with a man that didn’t trust her abilities as a mechanic. Is Rick the man for her? Should she stay and be with him even if he did not trust her around his car?


DRIVING ME INSANE is a scorching and spicy read. The flames were coming out of the race car and the pages of the book as this reviewer was reading. Rae Monet has done it again with another hot, hot, hot book on the NASCAR series. The story is fast-paced and roaring hot with sexual heat. I did not think it could get any hotter but Ms. Monet had me fooled. I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait for her next book in the series. Ms. Monet will surprise you every time when she writes a new book. Ms. Monet, you have a fan in this reviewer for life. Thank you for such a wonderful book and I will be waiting for the next one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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