Drop Dead, Gorgeous!
By Ann
May 1, 2006 - 7:16:00 PM

Jenny Branch is a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding and like all weddings, things aren't going quite right.  A missing wedding dress, an unfrosted cake and bickering staff is driving the bride mad.  Yet, no one expected an assassination attempt in the middle of the ceremony!  What is the most astounding is that Jenny apprehends the villain! Except, Kevin says he's an undercover agent who infiltrated the Snakepit and was left behind when his agency went down.  His mission was to take down the bride for the Snakepit since they are the only ones paying him now.  Suddenly, Jenny finds herself going on a mission with him to infiltrate and destroy the Snakepit.  Could this man with more skeletons in his closet than clothes fall for an ordinary girl like Jenny?

DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS! is the follow-up to HELLO, GORGEOUS!   With her trademark wit and humor, Ms. Davidson delivers another heroine who is smart, caring and can stand toe-to-toe with anyone whether he's an agent or the head of a secret agency.  Jenny thinks she doesn't belong in the same league with her boss and her circle of friends but she is definitely shortchanging herself; she just needed Kevin to help bring her out of her shell.  She goes from being an assistant to an agent in training overnight. 

Kevin has a rather interesting past, but Jenny keeps him grounded.  They are an interesting couple and I loved the wit, sarcasm and humor that Ms. Davidson uses to bring her characters alive.  The secondary characters provide a nice balance from taking down a criminal organization to Jenny and Kevin's budding romance.  I couldn't believe who was behind the assassination attempt but it made sense in Ms. Davidson's unique way.  From the author's note to the epilogue, DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS! had me enthralled and absorbed until the very end. 

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