Drop Dead Gorgeous
By Staci Kilpatrick
Dec 8, 2006 - 7:42:00 AM

When Blair tells Wyatt that she won’t marry him due to her becoming Blair Bloodsworth – a name too cute for her to stand – he lays down the law.  They will be married within one month or he is dragging her off the Vegas.  So, now she is running around and trying to get everything done.  The list is enormous!  However, Blair has every reason in the world to be happy:  a wonderful man, a growing business and she just found the perfect shoes for the wedding.  Except for almost being run down by a car, her world is nearly perfect. 

Calamity after calamity seems to follow Blair.  Someone is out to get Blair, but the question is who can it be?  Will Blair and Wyatt be able to figure it out before the next attack?  Through all this, will the wedding happen within Wyatt’s deadline?


DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is a wonderful tale of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life.  She has found the man of her dreams and is holding on with both hands.  The story line is great and the ending is a nice surprise.  Ms. Howard’s characters jump off the page and manage to come to life.  Blair manages to be a strong character with a great sense of humor and is thrown into scary situations.  Wyatt is a great hero who has the right amount of possessiveness to turn a woman’s head and cause the reader’s heart to flutter.

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