Duke of Devonwood: Bachelors of British Noblity
By Chris Mead
Jun 7, 2014 - 1:20:16 AM

Following the death of her father, Miranda is chagrined to find out that her inheritance is under the trusteeship of the Duke of Devonwood, a man she has never met, who resides in a different country. After several attempts to contact the duke, with no success, bound and determined to get to the bottom of what is going on, Miranda and her stepmother, Sharmie, set off to England.

Devon Percy Arlington, the ninth Duke of Devonwood, couldn’t be more surprised to find Miranda on his doorstep.  He already has his hands full taking care of his own family and doesn’t need an extra ward to provide for.  Nevertheless, he takes his responsibilities seriously and refuses to release the funds that Miranda seeks in order to get her hat business underway, as well as to pay for Sharmie’s upcoming wedding.

As Miranda and Devon battle it out, it becomes clear that there is an attraction between the two.  Miranda and Sharmie come up with a scheme that will keep them at the duke’s castle.  While Miranda gets aid from Devon’s family, will she be able to get him to loosen the purse strings?  Could this strong willed couple possibly be suited for one another?

I absolutely adored this modern take on the British nobility.  As an historical romance lover, I found it refreshing to read about a duke set in our day and age.  I loved Miranda and Devon’s strong willed natures and found the secondary characters both endearing and charismatic.

A delightful contemporary tale, DUKE OF DEVONWOOD draws readers in with its lively banter and vivacious characters.  Carly Carson has brought to life a highly entertaining and engaging read that you won’t soon forget.  This is the first tale in the BACHELORS OF BRITISH NOBILITY series and I am highly anticipating the next installment.  For a fun caper that will leave you sighing with pleasure, give DUKE OF DEVONWOOD a try.

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