Dungeon Heat: Throwback
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 20, 2005 - 12:58:00 PM

Gillian Markham has found refuge in the transplanted castle of Blackmoor Downs since the night her parents, brother, and boyfriend were murdered. Now that Reginald Blackmoor has passed away, the castle has been willed to Reginald's son. Her solace is threatened, so are any dreams of getting to experience the castle's dungeon firsthand.

Hawkins Blackmoor isn't pleased with his father's will. He wants the land Gillian inherited as well as the castle. His reasons aren't selfish however. He has taken responsibility for his mother's Renaissance troop called the Wanderers. Hawkins wants the land and castle to ensure the troop has a place of permanence.

Gillian has a lot on her mind. In addition to the worries over her home, the castle being taken from her by Hawk. She teaches at the University and has applied for tenure. It's been a long tedious process that would give her job stability if she can get through the tenure committee meetings and overcome the narrow-mindedness about women some of the committee members have. Even with her mind full of worries, Gillian can't help but think about the dungeon and the scene she'd once witnessed there. Her fantasies have centered around what she'd seen and her desires to have a master of her own, but that’s all fantasy. For now, she needs to concentrate on winning the battle of wills with Hawk. In an attempt to avoid a court battle and compromise, Gillian agrees to allow the Wanderers to stay on her land for the fall Fair season, and Hawk agrees to allow her to remain in the castle with Oz and Jamie. Hawk is prepared to hate Gillian on sight. He’s under the mistaken impression that his father and she had been lovers and that she’s nothing more than a gold-digger. Gillian is determined to hate him as well, she isn’t expecting a man so powerful he appears to be a throwback to King Arthur’s court or the effect he has on her. However, when Hawk informs her that Reggie’s beloved dogs have to go, Gillian lashes out at Hawk, effectively putting him in his place and arousing him at the same time. Suddenly, Gillian’s imaginary master has a face and it’s so angry and intense she’s turned on more than she could have ever hoped.

THROWBACK is a titillating addition to Annie Windsor’s DUNGEON HEAT series. It’s full of fascinating characters and animals, intense interactions, beautiful scenery, and let’s not forget very hot sex. Reggie may have been the original master of Blackmoor Downs but Hawk definitely follows in his father’s footsteps, right down to his involvement in BDSM. As you read the story you can sense Hawk and Gillian’s feelings changing, but neither of them is willing to concede to the other. I love the way Gillian gained self confidence during the story and the way she stood up to the tenure committee - that speech alone was worth reading the book! The Wanderers fascinated me. They live the Renaissance lifestyle full time and seem to genuinely be happy doing so. Their personalities are so varied, they’re just a joy to read about. Then there’s Old Sir, the oldest of the Greyhounds who waits patiently in the garden each day for Reggie to come back, that dog’s loyalty will just about break your heart. THROWBACK is one of those stories you get sucked into right from the start and read all the way through before you can put it down. A wonderful story and definitely a keeper.

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