Author: Nikki Soarde

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Lee Saunders is stunned, when she learns that Carter McCrea has been dumped by his steady girlfriend, Sylvia. He has been with her for years and it looked as if he was going to propose to her. Carter has been Lee's friend for over one year. Only, Carter doesn't know that Lee has been in love with him since the first moment they met. Lee has resigned herself to friendship and companionship with him and successfully curbed her basic instincts. But when Sylvia breaks it off with him, he feels terribly lonely and wants Lee's company. Lee's heart goes out to him and she runs to console him. But the consolation turns into passion in a matter of minutes. Lee is happy that finally she is able to love Carter openly now.

But this is not the happy ending Lee has been dreaming of. She starts getting worried when Carter's ex, Sylvia, starts popping again into his life. It looks like Sylvia has an agenda of her own. But now that Lee has tasted Carter's passion, she definitely is not going to sacrifice her love willingly for Sylvia. She has decided to keep him, no matter what it takes. Can Lee's gamble pay off? Can she successfully fight Sylvia and her wiles? What about Carter? What exactly does he feel for Lee? Is she just a brief fling for him?


DUPLICITY is a blistering hot story that has an unlimited amount of passion. Nikki Soarde writes a sizzling tale of two friends getting entwined, literally, in a lusty relationship. The characters are well etched. The uncertainties that Lee faces and the gutsiness she shows are very impressive and extremely natural. Carter, as the man in a dilemma , can definitely strike a chord in your heart. Moreover, people like Tammy, Sylvia and Carter's mother are instrumental in driving the tale forward. The twist at the end of the story is surprising and is sure to bring a delightful grin upon your face. Undoubtedly, do not overlook this one. DUPLICITY is a to-read-and-to-keep book that you have to make your lover read! It can positively teach anyone about love and lust!


DUPLICITY is, in one word, scalding!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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