Duty Bound: A Men of Entice Novella
By Tracy Marsac
Dec 1, 2004 - 1:20:00 PM

Danielle Porter is having a bad day.  Her boss, Todd 'The Toad', fires her after finding his missing discs in her desk.  Danielle is no thief and has no idea how they got there.  On her way home, she pulls over to have a good cry, but is interrrupted by Deputy Sheriff Michael MacAlister.  Her horrible day is now complete--her high school crush has witnessed her breakdown.  After a short conversation, Michael sends her on her way and Danielle is saddened to think she most likely won't see him again, but she would be wrong.  Later that night, someone tries to break into her apartment and Michael responds to her 911 call.

Michael can't believe his luck.  After years of regret, he might actually have a second chance with Danielle.  He was too chicken to ask her out in high school, but not anymore.  Strange things start to happen to her and he learns of her troubles at work.  Michael wants to trust her, but has been burned in the past by false claims of innocence.  Facts aren't adding up and Michael begins to question her side of the story.  Shyness kept him from her all those years ago.  Will doubt ruin his second chance or can love save the day?

DUTY BOUND is a Men of Entice novella and an all around great read!  Danielle and Michael's roadside reunion was, of course, very appealing for this romantic as Jo Barrett reveals to readers just how much they both left high school with regrets.  Barrett creates wonderful characters and will captivate her audience as Michael struggles between his badge and his heart while trying to protect Danielle.  The mystery surrounding the discs places their lives and relationship in jeopardy.  Well done, Ms. Barrett!

This title now available in print in the MEN OF ENTICE anthology

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