Dylan - The Secret Life of Cowboys trilogy, Book 2

Author: C.H. Admirand

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: January 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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In an effort to save the Texas ranch owned by his family for decades, Dylan Garahan works part-time at a strip club.  His role at the Lucky Star is to lasso the birthday girl and reel her in.  Kissing her isn't part of the job, but when he lassos a blindfolded Italian beauty from New Jersey, he simply can't resist molding her body to his own and sneaking a taste.

Ronnie DelVecchio's lingerie and fragrant oil shop has been vandalized so badly that she has to close it until it's repaired.  She arranges to cook at a ranch in exchange for help with her store.  That seems to be a fair deal until she realizes the carpenter who will be helping her is the same cowboy who lassoed her on her birthday.  She's not interested in men since the break-up with her ex; especially hard-headed, stubborn fools who don't know how to ask before they take what's not theirs.  And he's Irish!  Just what she doesn't need is to tempt the dreaded DelVecchio curse!

Dylan is a typical alpha male and sometimes I thought Ronnie would smack him for being an over-the-top alpha.  Ronnie is feisty and fully capable of handling a man who can't take "no" where she's concerned.  She has plenty of sass to throw back at him but that just intrigues Dylan more.  Luckily, even this alpha cowboy has a good sense of humor to counterbalance Ronnie's temper.  He can be pretty silly and off-kilter at times, which offsets Ronnie's tendency to see red before she makes sense of a situation. Sparks fly from their very first meeting which is a surefire sign that their relationship, if it can surpass their fear of commitment and their over-possessive tempers, will be a passionate, fiery ride.

When Dylan lassos his heroine and reels her into him, it immediately sets the stage for a sexy opening to this couple's story.  Then, when you realize she's blindfolded?  Well, that brings a whole new theme of excitement to their sexual attraction.  Besides the fact that Ronnie's store specializes in lingerie and massage oils.  You know that their relationship will be a steamy one.  But even what seems like paradise has some hurdles to overcome before they find their unity.  Good thing the townsfolk aren't beyond giving them a big ol' push toward love.

In my opinion, the hero and heroine spent too much time talking to themselves out loud instead of to each other.  I prefer the couple working out their differences together so the self-talk was distracting, especially since it was quoted and not italicized, which meant I wondered if they were really talking to themselves, or just thinking half the time.  There were also some actions described repetitively, and although I appreciated the point made by them, they were too frequent for my taste.  That said, since I read an Uncorrected Advance Copy, these issues may have been smoothed out prior to the book's release.  Eventually, this couple intrigued me enough with their actions to anticipate their happy-ever-after, and that's when I became invested in their story without distraction.  

DYLAN by C. H. Admirand is book two in THE SECRET LIFE OF COWBOYS trilogy.  The trilogy focuses on three brothers who run their family's ranch after the passing of their grandfather.  Dylan is the middle brother, but since the three live together at the ranch, they're all part of this story.  Fans of the first book will enjoy catching up with the oldest brother, Tyler, and Emily.  I have a feeling that Dylan's youngest brother, Jesse, will steal a few hearts in book three.

A sexy romp, DYLAN will give you a wild-eyed peek into "the secret life of cowboys".  The Garahan men definitely know how to fight to win and love forever.  I think their women secretly know exactly how to tame them enough to become steadfast life-mates.  Or maybe, their women are just as wild as the Garahan brothers?  I really enjoyed the last few chapters of this novel.  The tension created ended in such a maelstrom of hilarity that it was a perfect finale.  I laughed out loud until I cried toward the end — it was so chaotically funny and a great "Awww!" moment.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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