The Lovers

Author: Eden Bradley

Publisher: Spice Books

Release Date: November 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Bettina Boothe is the newcomer at a writers’ retreat comprised of several other likeminded authors she’s only met online.  It’s a small group which should help her feel more comfortable with interacting with people rather than remaining isolated as she’s liable to do.  While she’s understandably nervous at the prospect of finally meeting face to face people she’s chatted with but never met, the other authors are quick to put her at ease – and a few even introduce her to experiences she never would have imagined partaking in.

While Bettina is comfortable with most of the other writers’ there’s one in particular who has caught her attention and interest.  Audrey LeClaire’s sensual nature and outgoing flirtatious personality draws people to her like magnets.  Bettina’s stunned by her own attraction to the other woman but certainly isn’t opposed to exploring those feelings.  For a while it seems as if Audrey can’t get enough of Bettina but then Jack Curran, another author, arrives and Bettina finds herself confused by Audrey’s sudden lack of interest in her.


Unlike Bettina, Jack is well used to Audrey’s sensual free-love attitude.  She takes pleasure wherever and with whomever she’s interested in at any given time and for a time each year Audrey focuses all that attention on Jack.  Jack and Audrey welcome Bettina into their love play and she revels in the experience of being loved and cherished by two people she’s extremely attracted to but she’s having trouble coping with her conflicting emotions. 


Bettina struggles with her feelings of insecurity, jealousy and blatant desire where Jack and Audrey are concerned.   Bettina might have come to the retreat to finally escape the safety net of self isolation but somehow being immersed in drama, lust and human emotions all help bring about a change so profound in a woman once so unsure of herself that you just know she’ll be alright – no matter what happens.


As a romance reader I confess I love reading ménage a trois stories but the vast majority of the ones I’ve read are happily-ever-after and the conflict comes at some point early on in the story.  Eden Bradley’s THE LOVERS delivers with startling clarity a more realistic view on threesome relationships.  Bettina, Jack and Audrey are all very different personalities and their attraction is smoldering hot but for Audrey it seems to be just about sex and not much about getting to know her sexual partners.  Bettina is the innocent one in the relationship and genuinely has feelings for Jack and Audrey but it’s obvious she feels more for Jack than Audrey – while Jack just seems to go with the flow with no intention of forming a lasting relationship.  Eden Bradley genuinely impressed me with her attention to detail, realistic characters and emotionally riddled situations. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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