The Pleasure Club: The Park Rangers
By Suzie Housley
Feb 7, 2011 - 6:17:35 PM

Julie’s life as a phone sex operator leaves her feeling empty and alone.  For once, she would like to do something to satisfy her own wants and needs.  When she reveals this to a friend, she suggests that she try The Pleasure Club.  The Pleasure Club is an elite society that allows a person’s innermost fantasy the opportunity to be turned into a reality.

Julie has always dreamed of taking a walk on the wild side out into the woods at her favorite park, where she would meet two rugged park rangers who would shower her body with all of the love and attention it craved.


The day arrived when Julie got the letter from the Pleasure Club Management that informed her of where her Pleasure fantasy would take place.  She knew that this was by far the most daring thing she had ever attempted.  She decided to leave caution to the wind and take the plunge to discover what the Pleasure Masters had created out of her fantasy.


When she met Ranger Jim and Ranger Brad, they far exceeded her expectations.  Together, they brought her body to a high she never knew existed.  When a new day dawns and Julie finds herself alone, will she be convinced that what she experienced was only an exotic dream or a memory of a lifetime?


THE PARK RANGERS is another wonderful installment to The Pleasure Club series.  Eve Knight does an exceptional job in weaving a tale that provides a high blend of exotic pleasure.  For anyone new to the Pleasure Club, let me warn you, once you experience one of these books there is no way you can stop until you read every one in the series.


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