The Rebound Pact

Author: Eliza Knight

Publisher: Eliza Knight

Release Date: June 19, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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THE REBOUND PACT is a wonderfully written contemporary romance whose backdrop is for the most part a winery and a bistro which is being opened on the property.  The descriptions of the wine and food along with the smells and tastes had me using many of my senses to immerse myself in the story.

Knight's THE REBOUND PACT is a hot and steamy read that only got hotter as the story progressed.  The chemistry between Gabrielle and Holden was combustible.  They couldn't pass each other without at least touching and/or sending a smoldering look and their pact was to be each other's rebound partner as they both got over recent breakups.  There was heartache, angst, sadness, happiness, caring, love, romance, family, friends, wine, food and businesses to run.  The characters were well developed and had many layers and insecurities.  Max was the overbearing older brother to Gabrielle and best friend of Holden and he fought their attraction each step of the way.  Watching the bistro come together with Holden and Gabrielle working together and Gabrielle getting to put her mark on the plans, the menu and the kitchen set up was a dream come true for her.  There was a wonderful happily ever after that brought closure and most of the loose ends were tied up nicely - except for Len, Gabrielle's ex-fiancĂ©e who seemed to still have issues with the breakup.

This is the first book in the unnamed series and I can't wait to read Max, Darla, and Melanie's stories that the author promises we'll see later this year and next year.  Knight is a fairly new to me author and I've read a few historical books of hers that I've enjoyed.  I love finding authors I like who can also write across the genres I enjoy too. She's a keeper for sure!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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