Faking It
By Pamela Denise
Feb 3, 2012 - 1:11:25 PM

Andrea “Andi” Cutrone may have her Ph.D. in the writing field, but feels severely lacking in knowledge when it comes to how to please men or what they want. After an unexpected breakup with her fiancé, Andi jumps at the chance to move to Long Island, New York and work at NYU as a professor. Never a social butterfly, she is reluctant to attend one of the cocktail parties that her friend and colleagues invite her to, but she goes along after some gentle prodding. As Andi is scanning the room, she is automatically drawn to the Versace clad hunk with sienna colored eyes.

On inquiry, it turns out that the man in question is Devin, and he’s well known in the circle. The shocking fact is that he is a male escort who has catered to practically all of the females there, including Andi’s dean. She is both attracted to and curious about him. After a few months and another run-in with him have passed, Andi gathers her courage to meet with Devin to purpose a trade. She will teach him the fundamentals of writing in exchange for him helping her to learn how to satisfy a man. Devin is intrigued with the woman and her proposal so he agrees to a seven week arrangement. They are to meet for two hours once a week in which the time would be divided.

Both are surprised by what the other sheds light on and the ease in which they get along. Soon their once-a-week meetings turn into almost daily contact and a forged camaraderie. As the months pass, they touch on much deeper topics than what their initial agreement covered. Andi is sure a mutual attraction is there, but she struggles to hide her feelings from Devin which begins to put a strain on their companionship. Then at the annual Language Arts Conference she unexpectedly meets New England professor Sam Vanzant and begins a long distance relationship with him. As events unfold with Devin, both will have to come to some realizations about themselves and each other. Andi finds herself in love with two men and becomes torn between which is the right path for her.

What happens when you come to discover that your whole life has been one version or another of trying to fit in, but not really being yourself? FAKING IT is a profound novel following the life of a woman in her thirties who has repressed her inner individuality and desires, with the exception of her love for writing and teaching rhetoric prose. I soon found myself caught up in the life of the female lead, Andi. Turning the pages, following her thoughts and interactions with the world around her, I felt as if I got to know her and could relate to her on some levels. Author Elisa Lorello does a remarkable job of bringing not only attention to her writing but the eagerness to know more. Her storylines are not romance in the classic sense, but of friendship and love all the same. The protagonists aren’t tragic or superhuman, nor do they need rescuing, except for, in some ways, from themselves. Yet they latch on to your imagination and you are able to feel all of the emotions that Ms. Lorello conveys. When putting the book down, I felt as if Andi, Devin and the other characters were a part of my own life in a way. I had the urge to sink myself into literary studies, soak up some art and work on my own perceived self a bit. I do hope that these characters get a few more stories penned. This is on my keeper shelf indefinitely and I highly recommend giving it a place on your own.

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