Getting Worked Up - Sapphire Falls, Book 2
By Jo
Jul 28, 2014 - 4:30:46 PM

GETTING WORKED UP (SAPPHIRE FALLS BOOK 2) was steamy and hot and kept me turning pages all day long so that I managed to read it in one day.  Now I need to wait to get my hands on the third book in the series but I won't be waiting patiently to return to Sapphire Falls.

Nicholas' GETTING WORKED UP is an often steamy, romantic contemporary from one of my favorite authors that reunites us with many characters in the small town of Sapphire Falls, Nebraska.  This is Phoebe and Joe's story and what a story it is.  Each is trying to fight their attraction but also trying to give the other what is missing in their life.  Growing up and even now, Phoebe is everyone's best friend and her best friend Matt told all the guys to keep their distance from her because when he married her, once they got older, he didn't want to think about what his friends had done with his wife when they dated or went out.  Unbelievably, they all stepped back and Phoebe was always left wondering why no one asked her out and was still wondering since she and Matt are still best friends but nothing more.  Enter Joe who works with Mason, Lauren and Adrianne and he gives Phoebe a run for her money until he hurts her unintentionally.  Joe always thought he had to wow his dates with over the top gifts and trips in order to be liked but Phoebe begged to differ with him and set out to show him less is more at times. Watching the interactions and chemistry between Joe and Phoebe was burn up the sheets hot!  There is a lot of romance but also lots of loving and love.  There was family and friends, town traditions, laughter, tears, heartache, angst, happiness and a happily ever after that was not at all what I expected.  Nicholas kept the heat on throughout and I can't wait to be reunited with everyone again in the next book. 

I have now read all of the books in Nicholas' THE BRADFORD SERIES and the COUNTING ON LOVE SERIES and the first two books in the SAPPHIRE FALLS SERIES.  I can't wait to read BOOK 3, GETTING DIRTY along with her other books I have missed along the way.  There was an excerpt of it in the back of the book and it whet my appetite for more!

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