Made to Love Her
By Sarah W
Mar 30, 2004 - 11:43:00 PM

MADE TO LOVE HER is an exciting, spicy, and erotic tale of lust and submission that brings the characters, Eli Eden and Claire Hardistique to the brink of passion and back again. For five years Eli has been in the depths of hell, trying to forget the unforgettable with endless liaisons that mean nothing to him and bring him little emotional satisfaction. It isn't until the night Claire is called to his house that he finally learns the power of the love of a good woman.

Claire needs money to help her mother recover from a devastating stroke. She agrees to be Eli's paid companion for a week's time in order to earn fifty thousand dollars. Little does she know how much she will learn about the man who tempts and teases her every day of her time with him. As the week progresses, the erotic enticements become stronger every day as Eli tries to get Claire to leave by humiliating her sexually so she won't find out his secret. Claire turns the tables on him, making Eli finally come to see how his life could be different if only he would give up his bitterness and anger against his father and fate. By the end of the week, both Claire and Eli realize they are in love, but they are afraid to succumb to the potential relationship brewing between them.


Evelyn Starr's MADE TO LOVE HER is great story of love conquering all, even the most bitter of life's regrets and mistakes. Claire and Eli both have a lot to get over in order to ever form a life together, but with hard work, a little sexual fun, and plenty of love, these great protagonists overcome it all in order to treasure life's greatest gift: love. MADE TO LOVE HER has very erotic sex scenes, that are graphic in language, which may turn some readers off, but overall, this is a wonderful love story with a wonderful plot that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next in this intriguing tale.

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